Plant Deficiency Symptom App-IPNI


IPNI nut def app figure.pptx









Need another tool to remind you what nutrient deficiency symptoms look like on your crops and what the function of each nutrient is? IPNI has an app for iPhones and iPads that is a new techy tool for agronomists.

This app is not that easy to find on the App store, so here is the easiest way to find it. Do a search on your browser for “Crop Nutrient Deficiency Library App.” This will bring you to a page on the IPNI web site (see figure below). Then click on the “View and download from the App Store.”

This is a great tool for beginner and experienced agronomists alike. In the field it can help to remind us of the function of each nutrient and shows us deficiency symptoms of most nutrients on 14 different crops. This will be a great training tool for scouts as well, since they will always have their devices with them in the field when scouting.