Third-Party Data Platforms

Third-party platforms are more popular than ever for retrieving and sharing soil and plant analysis data with clients. AGVISE Laboratories has partnered with many third-party data platforms to transfer soil and plant data directly to their programs, where you can access the data, track soil test trends, and make variable rate application maps.

Modus XML Standard

The Modus XML Standard is the most common format to send soil test results to third-party platforms. Modus is the universal data standard for soil and plant analysis, and it was developed by the soil testing industry. In order for us to send Modus XML files to the third-party platform of your choice, we need to know that you require Modus data transfers so that we can change a few settings in your customer account. Please let us know if you are thinking about using a Modus-type platform, and we can get you started.


AGVISE also allows easy access to soil and plant data and integration through our online AGVISOR program. AGVISOR is an API-enabled platform that allows automatic and seamless integration between programs, allowing them to access data from our server and import them directly into their programs. An API is the fastest and most efficient data transfer type. Please give our office a call if you need any help setting up an API to access your account’s AGVISOR data.