Quality Control is First Priority for AGVISE

AGVISE Laboratories in Northwood, ND and Benson, MN participate in three proficiency testing programs: the National Proficiency Testing program (NAPT), the Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) program, and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Manure Analysis Proficiency program. Our laboratories are also approved by the NAPT-Performance Assessment Program (PAP) and are certified soil and manure testing laboratories by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The Benson, MN laboratory is also an Iowa Department of Agriculture certified soil testing laboratory.

The proficiency programs send double-blind samples throughout the year to AGVISE. The samples are tested and results are evaluated by the proficiency programs for accuracy. Approval from PAP means that AGIVSE uses PAP approved methods to conduct soil analyses, which are required for NRCS programs. AGVISE has been involved with the NAPT proficiency testing program since it started in 1983.  As a longtime participant, AGVISE has had committee representatives on the NAPT Oversight Board for many years, striving to make the program better each year.

Quality control has been and will continue to be a priority for AGVISE Laboratories. When you receive a soil test report from AGVISE, you can be sure you are receiving the most accurate data possible.