Over the weekend, our email servers, which are hosted by an external company, went down and have not been restored. We therefore do not have access to our regular @agvise.com email inboxes. We have been in contact with the email server company and they are hoping that access will be restored later this evening.

Even with this outage, we can still see and react to messages sent through the AGVISE website (www.agvise.com; through forms, the supply and equipment store, etc.) and can still be reached at our phone numbers. The AGVISOR platform is still active and accessible for sample submission and data retrieval.

Until we get this issue solved, please read below for alternative ways to get in contact with us.

If you need to send an email to someone at the Northwood Laboratory (Bob Wallace, John Breker, Amber Storey, Jodi Boe, Teresa Fuglestad, Emily Pollert), please email agvisenorthwood@gmail.com. If you need to email someone at the Benson Laboratory (Cindy Evenson, Brent Jaenisch, Nancy Schilling, Brittany Giese), please call the Benson office (320-843-4109).

As always, our phone lines are open. We apologize for this inconvenience and will let you know when our email servers are restored.

AGVISE Laboratories Northwood               AGVISE Laboratories Benson
701-587-6010                                                   320-843-4109

John Breker                                                         Brent Jaenisch
701-680-3822                                                   320-226-7499

Jodi Boe