Precision Ag Helpers!

Many fertilizer dealers and Ag Consultants are now providing Precision Ag services to the growers they serve. Higher fertilizer costs have resulted in more grower interest in applying the right amount of nutrients to each part of their fields. If your company wants to get started in Precision Ag, there are many companies with experience that can help. Some companies have been providing Precision Ag services for up to 15 years now. Some of these businesses specialize in helping you set up all of the precision services so you can do it all yourself. Other companies will actually do all or parts of a Precision Ag program for you (soil sampling, topography, satellite images, mapping, etc.).

AGVISE is adding a “Precision Helper” button on our web site ( We will be listing many companies who provide Precision Ag Services of all kinds. All AGVISE customers who provide Precision Ag services can have their company name and information on this list. All you have to do is send us a 100 word description of the Precision Ag Services that your business provides and your contact information. We want to help your business grow with more exposure and by letting people know exactly the Precision Ag services you provide.

If your company begins offering Precision Ag services to your growers and you are working with one of these “Precision Helpers,” we can make your soil data transfer much easier. AGVISE can send your Precision Ag soil test data to you and also to your “Precision Ag Helper.” In many instances they will incorporate your soil test data with the other data collected and send back information for variable rate nutrient application to each field. If you would like your company to be listed under “Precision Helpers” on the AGVISE web site, please send us a description of the Precision Ag Services you provide and your contact information. You can send your information to Richard Jenny ( or John Lee (