Plant Tissue Testing – Next Day Turnaround!

Plant tissue testing requires a smooth system from start to finish. The system includes sampling, shipping, laboratory analysis and test results delivered over the Internet. We are proud to say that AGVISE has a great track record for fast turnaround time on tissue samples. Last year, AGVISE Northwood lab tested more than 99% of tissue samples the next business day after the samples arrived at the lab. Our Benson lab would also have had a 99% record, except for a problem with our server for one week last summer.

Having great turnaround on lab analysis of plant tissue is not an easy task. In the past two years, AGVISE has invested over $100,000.00 in new instrumentation and equipment at both of our laboratories. This enabled us to test much larger volumes of tissue samples. Our employees are also committed to serving our customers. Many days there were AGVISE employees testing tissue samples before 5 AM and they were still testing samples well into the evening. This shows AGVISE commitment to our customers and tissue testing is just one of many services AGVISE has provided for 36 years!

Sampling – Getting fast service on tissue testing starts with collecting a good tissue sample. Collecting the right plant part for the stage of growth and sending the required amount of plant parts for testing.

Shipping – Next day shipping is critical to maintain the quality of tissue samples. Under warm summer conditions, plant samples will deteriorate quickly. Just two days in shipping under warm conditions can convert a high quality tissue sample into moldy, watery, mush which cannot be tested. Next day service is not always expensive. Any customer in North Dakota can use UPS ground and the tissue samples will get to Northwood the next day. If you are shipping UPS from another state, regular UPS ground service will take from 2-3 days. The same is true for samples being shipped to the Benson lab if you are shipping from another state. This delay in shipping is a game breaker if you want to have fast turnaround time on your plant samples. If you are shipping across state lines with UPS, FedEx or Purolator, you need to use next day service to get the fast turnaround you need on tissue samples. In Canada, PUROLATOR ships from most locations in Manitoba to Winkler the next day by ground.

Online Tissue Sample Submission – AGVISE is introducing “Online” tissue sample submission this spring. We think customers are going to like the “Online” tissue sample submission just as much as the “Online” soil sample submission. The online system will eliminate writing on tissue sample bags in the field, eliminate misspellings, etc. For customers who use their own online sample submission, it is critical for sample information to be transmitted to AGVISE before the samples arrive. Please be certain that your sample information has been transferred to AGVISE right away. Without the sample information, testing will be delayed because we will not know who the samples are from or what nutrients to test on the samples.

Laboratory Analysis – AGVISE is committed to testing tissue samples the next business day after the samples arrive at the lab. We are adding additional instrumentation, equipment and personnel to handle increased tissue sample volumes this summer. We expect to deliver the same next day service, just as we have in the past.

Test Results Delivery to the
Internet –
All tissue test results are posted to the AGVISE web site at the end of each day of testing, which could be from 5 PM to 9 PM, depending on the volume of samples tested that day. Some tissue test results are also sent to other internet sites, which are out of our control. Please let us know if your results are being delayed from other sites, so we can contact them and let them know there is a problem.

Putting the System Together – Here is how this system should work from start to finish.

1.   Day 1 – Samples are collected and placed into a refrigerator at the end of the day

2.   Day 2 – Samples are shipped so the samples arrive at the lab the next day

3.   Day 3 – Samples arrive at the lab and are placed into dryers overnight

4.   Day 4 – Samples are tested and results are posted to the AGVISE web site between 5-9 PM.

In a nutshell, samples shipped Monday through Wednesday will get tested and reported the day after they arrive at the lab. Samples shipped on Thursday must arrive at the lab on Friday to avoid samples deteriorating over the weekend. Samples arriving at the lab on Friday will be tested on Monday. Samples collected on Friday need to be placed in a refrigerator over the weekend and shipped on Monday. AGVISE expects to test a record number of tissue samples again in 2012. We are prepared to provide very good turnaround on tissue samples again this year. If you have any questions, please give us a call.