Online Services Updated

We’ve had very positive comments from customers on our web based “Online” services which are growing all the time. At the time I am writing this newsletter article, these are the online services you can use right now: (online tissue sample submission this spring!)

1.    Online soil sample submission

2.    Agvisor Lite soil sample reports, exports and summaries

3.    Plant tissue reports and exports

4.    Manure test reports

5.    Electronic download of price per sample and invoice information

We have been able to incorporate many of your ideas, comments and suggestions into these services. New for 2012 will be the online plant tissue sample submission system. This will be the same process as many of you are currently doing for soil samples except it’s for your plant tissue samples. Instead of handwriting your sample information on the plant tissue envelopes, it’ll be quicker and cleaner than hand writing with an ink pen in the field. As in the online soil sample submission where you input your sample/field information online and print the barcode sticker, the online plant tissue submission were the same. You will enter the sample/field information online, print the barcode sticker and place the sticker on the plant tissue sample bag. No writing on the bag! Hurray!


Online Sample Submission, Getting Started

For those of you who haven’t started using the online sample submission process, you’ll find that it is quicker and easier to submit samples online and will minimize typos or spelling errors that are common with hand written sample information. To start this process, go to The first thing to do is build your database of Growers and their Fields. Please follow the instructions listed below. If you have any problems, please give our staff a call. You must use a Laser printer to print the online bar-coded sample stickers (Inkjet printers DO NOT work, the ink will smear off the label). AGVISE will send you the new “online” sample forms at no cost. This online system will eliminate all handwritten sample information/field sheets you use.

1)    Go to

2)    At the homepage, select either the “Agvisor Lite” or “Submit Samples” Link

3)    Login using your Agvise account number and password (call if you have trouble)

4)    Select the “Submit Samples” link

5)    Select the “Manage Growers and Fields” link

6)    Select the “Add a new Grower” link and start inputting some grower names. You can add a “Test Grower” for learning purposes. To get used to this, just add a couple of your growers as you can always add more later.

7)    Once you have some Growers’ names entered, add some fields by selecting the “Add a new Field” link.

8)    Now, go through the Submit Samples process. Select the “Submit Soil Samples” link, and choose either a “conventional sample” or a “grid/zone sample.” Then select one grower name and one of his fields. Finish the process by selecting the various items. You can choose up to three crops for next year, yield goals, P & K guidelines, test options, sample depths and finally choose the “Submit data to AGVISE” button.

9)    The next step is to print the barcode reference number stickers on the “Online form” provided by AGVISE. Choose the “Soil Test History” link. Select a sample from the list to print and then hit the green “Print Barcoded Labels for selected Tests” botton. This will open a pdf of the selected sample and will show you what will be printed on the “Online sample submission form. Once printed, you can peel off the stickers and attach to the paper soil or tissue sample bags. For soil samples sent in plastic sample bags, the bar-coded stickers must be placed on a paper sample bag before being placed inside the plastic sample bag with the soil cores.

If you have any questions, just call either lab and ask for John Lee (Northwood, ND) or Richard Jenny (Benson, MN).