Beet Lime Update

AGVISE started a beet lime demonstration project three years ago near our Northwood, ND laboratory. While most of the soils in this area have a pH over 8.0, there are some coarse textured soils that can have a very low pH. We were looking for a check soil to use in our laboratories when we came across a soil with a pH of 4.7! I was pretty surprised to find a soil that was this acidic, so I resampled the site and had our lab test it again (you can never trust those labs! Ha Ha!). The pH of the resample was 4.7 so this confirmed that very low pH soils do occur in eastern ND. This was a perfect site to start a beet lime project. In May of 2015 we applied beet lime at three rates and tilled it into the soil. The farmer has this field in a corn, soybean rotation and we have been sampling the site each year to see what is happening to the soil pH. If you look at the data in the table you can see that the highest rate of beet lime (13,000 of material) has increased the soil pH to greater than 7.0 and has held it there now for 3 years. The lower rates appear to still have increased the pH a little, but were not able to increase the pH above 6.0. We will continue testing these sites each year to see how long the beet lime will have an effect on the soil pH on this coarse textured very acidic soil.