AGVISE Giant Pumpkin Winners 2012

The AGVISE Giant Pumpkin Contest was a success again this year. The weather in the Midwest was hot and dry, but there were still some monster pumpkins grown! The world record was broken again this summer by Ron Wallace from Greene, Rhode Island. Ron set the new world record with a 2,009-pound pumpkin (Wow, over a ton!).

Some participants in the 2012 AGVISE Giant Pumpkin Contest also had good success this year. Thanks to each of them for the work they put in and the great pictures they sent. The winner of our contest this year is Adam Johnson. Adam has won the AGVISE giant pumpkin contest four years in a row now. He does a great job each year and has given us some pointers along the way. I hope the $100.00 prize money Adam has won each year has been enough to cover a nice dinner with his wife, to make up for all the time he spends with his pumpkins!

Here are the winners of the 2012 AGVISE Giant Pumpkin Contest:

Adam Johnson, Santiago, MN            1409 lbs        1st prize $100.00

Shawn Kasprick, Grafton, ND             600 lbs         2nd Prize $75.00

Rick Swenson, Fergus Falls, MN        587 lbs          3rd prize $50.00

Thanks to everyone who participated but did not get a giant this year. We know how much work it is to try and grow a giant pumpkin. There are many things that can and do go wrong at times, and sometimes you just have to be lucky. This year was a lost year in our giant pumpkin growing career. Our pumpkin patch has become increasingly salty the past few years due to the poorly drained site and evaporation bringing the salts to the surface (sound familiar?). In August we decided it was easier to tile drain my pumpkin patch than to move it. We are in the process of leaching the salts from the pumpkin patch, and we’ll let you know how it works out next year.

Adam Johnson
Shawn Kasprick
Rick Swenson