Precision Helpers

AgroTech Consulting

Customizable services you need to provide a full Precision Ag Program to your clients. Samples can be taken on a grid, modified grid, or zone basis. All field boundaries, field features, and samples locations are geo-referenced. Sample results can be returned in electronic or printed formats with customized legends and colors. If needed, prescription application files can be created for any controller using your recommendation formulas. Yield data processing also available. Inquire about EC mapping, topography, and imagery services.

Bob Wolf CCA-MN, CPAg
AgroTech Consulting
320 Maple Ridge Drive
Henderson, MN 56044

Office/FAX 507-248-9653
Cell 507-381-1983

ASSP: Alliance of Site Specific Providers

ASSP: Alliance of Site Specific Providers

Mission Statement: Promoting integration and advancement of site specific hardware and software with agronomic expertise.

This alliance, association, has a target membership of crop consultants, ag-retailers, equipment and software manufactures that desire to help improve the ease of use, performance and acceptance of site specific technology in agriculture. This group meets 3-4 times/year to discuss site specific issues. Currently there are over 30 members from the states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota.

CENTROL Crop Consulting – Cottonwood, MN

CENTROL has 27 crop consultants working in MN, SD & N.W. Iowa, providing agronomic advice to clients on all aspects of crop production. CENTROL provides growers with solutions to: Yield Mapping, GPS Mapping (tile lines, field boundaries, etc), Grid Development, Grid Soil sampling, Zone Development (EC, topography, yield, and satellite imagery), Zone Sampling, and Prescription maps for Variable Rate Applications. CENTROL will help you learn about managing multiple facets of crop production with independent, un-biased recommendations resulting in more profit per acre over a long period of time. Contact 507-423-5423 for more information.

CENTROL Crop Consulting – Twin Valley, MN

CENTROL of Twin Valley is a crop consulting company working with growers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

We work closely with farmers in order to maximize their profitability.

Our 36 consultants provide:

  1. Crop planning
  2. Field Scouting
  3. Pesticide recommendations
  4. Soil sampling
  5. Fertility recommendations
  6. Precision Ag services, using:
    1. Yield maps
    2. Satellite images
    3. Topography
    4. Veris
  7. Tile and drainage design

Our professional crop consultants are all certified and have been providing unbiased advice to growers for over 32 years!

Contact us at 218-584-5107 or for more information.

Crop One , Inc

Owned and operated by Alain( Frenchie) Bellicot
Independant Crop Consultant, Certified Crop Advisor.
25 years in the Ag Business
Office located in Clarkfield, Mn.
Servicing Yellow Medecine, Lyon, Renville, Chippewa and Lac Qui Parle counties
Crops of interest = sugarbeets, corn ,soybeans and wheat
Services provided =
-crop planning
-crop scouting
-soil sampling (0-6″, 2ft, 4ft) = conventional, grids, zones
-management zones using Veris data
-precision farming equipment sales and service (Ag Leader Yield Monitors, Guidance systems, mapping software)
-Yield mapping and map interpretation
-tile mapping
-nutrient and manure managment plans

Crop One, Inc.
Alain Bellicot
1418, 9th St.
Clarkfield, Mn. 56223

Office # 320-669-7614
Cell # 320-226-3376

Field Technologies Inc.

Field Technologies Inc. is a precision agriculture consulting company that works with a wide range of hardware and software solutions. The solutions we provide are customized to your business needs. We can provide full service solutions or help you to get started with your own, from data collection to mapping. Services offered: Soil conductivity collection, topograpghy collection and mapping (for surface and sub surface drainage), management zone creation and sampling, grid sampling, GPS – variable rate – yield monitor solutions and mapping, nutrient management planning, and scouting solutions. FTI is a business that helps retail, farmers, and consultants with technology solutions. CCA and TSP certified.
Email :

Field Technologies Inc
Jon Bork
87288 303rd Street
Beardsley, MN 56211

320-305-0857 Cell
320-265-6340 Home

GK Technology

GK Technology provides a wide range of hardware, software and consulting solutions for soil sampling, data logging and variable rate application. Since we are not tied to any specific product line, our solutions will be based on what fits your operation best, not just what we have to sell. We can be of service whether you are single location looking for a turnkey solution for variable rate application, or a larger entity looking for customized software for automating delivery of precision agriculture solutions to your growers. Services offered include topography data collection, soil conductivity data collection, watershed modeling for design of surface or subsurface drainage, and variable rate application solutions for many different management strategies.
Contact Info:
GK Technology
204 5th St East
Halstad, MN 56548

Midwest Independent Soil Samplers

Midwest Independent Soil Samplers, LLC, is widely-recognized across the United States as a leader in site-specific ag and the ag information gathering industry. MISS provides such services as grid, composite and zone soil sampling, electromagnetic soil mapping, RTK elevation mapping, nitrogen monitoring, probe installation, tissue sampling and more. MISS provides quality work done in a timely matter to assist in all your nutrient management needs. For more information, visit or call 800-248-6049.

Andy Gregor, Minnesota Area Manager
Midwest Independent Soil Samplers
1467 Adams St Suite 2
Hutchinson, MN 55350

MZB Technologies

MZB Technologies is a precision agronomy company that partners with crop consultants and ag retailers. They provide agronomy training, sales consulting and GIS mapping services that support their site-specific zone management program, The MZB System.

MZB Technologies has many years experience in delivering agronomy products to growers. This knowledge is critical in helping crop consultants and ag retailers develop, implement and manage their precision ag business.

Internet-based software is provided to allow for site-specific management of their customers fields. A version of the software is also available for growers to increase communication with their customers and encourages active grower involvement. This involvement is critical in sustaining a precision ag business.

The MZB System is a U.S. patented and Canadian patent-pending multi-layer management zone system.

Glenn Hanson

Wade Marzahn
Agronomy Training

Rx-VRT Providers, LLC.

Rx-VRT Providers, LLC. is a newly formed company dedicated to providing solutions to farmers in the areas of precision equipment, software solutions, and management zone creation. This company was formed by Kim Retzlaff, with over 20 years of combined experience in the area of precision Ag farming. A complete line of services offered include: zone creation & verification, zone sampling & fertility, veris soil & topography mapping, custom soil sampling, installation of yield monitors & auto pilot systems and GPS & mapping software systems.

Rx-VRT Providers, LLC.
Kim Retzlaff, Owner

39211 133rd St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Precision Consulting Services

Precision Consulting Services combines strong agronomic and technology skills to help customers reach the next level in precision agriculture. We strive to provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, and not just a “black box” program. Our programs rely heavily on grower input and ground truthed data to ensure accuracy. We provide solutions from data collection, soil sampling solutions, and equipment for variable rate application of products to installation of yield monitors and other precision Ag equipment. We provide additional services including contract crop consulting and soil sampling, crop insurance and are TSP and CCA Certified.

Paul Bruns
Precision Consulting Services
106 Maple Ave N
Canby, MN 56220
507-530-5036 cell

Precision Partners, Inc.

Precision Partners, Inc. was established in 1997 with a focus on delivering easy to use and effective precision ag. based tools to Agronomy Companies and Crop Consultants throughout the US. Precision Partners’ ProfitZ.nutrients Fertility Management Program saves fertilizer cost and improves yield and quality. ProfitZ.nutrients uses numerous data sources including remote sensing to create a virtual yield map for any field. This map defines the range of yields that exist in that field for corn, wheat, malt barley, edible beans, and potatoes. Data such as EC, topography, and OM/soil types can be used to enhance the process. With ProfitZ.nutrients a management zone map can be created that allows the user to soil test in the zones and apply the soil test results back to the Fertility Plan. A variable rate application can then be made for any Variable Rate Controller. Precision Partners provides software to be successful delivering Precision Ag programs to your grower.

Aaron Disrud
Precision Partners, Inc.
4838 Rocking Horse Circle, Suite 204
Fargo, ND  58104


Precision Soil Management

Precision Soil Management
PO Box 387
Redfield, SD 57469
(605) 302-0085

Precision Soil Management was formed by Francis Schaffer, 10 years of experience with agriculture equipment and software, and Jim Millar, 15 years experience as a soil scientist, to provide producers a solution to their specific precision farming needs. PSM provides producers with: 1) field verified, detailed soil management zones; 2) geo-referenced soil sampling; 3) variable rate fertilizer and seeding prescriptions. Jim Millar’s extensive knowledge of soils is the bases for creating the detailed soil management zones that are all field verified. Francis Schaffer’s expertise with the following precision ag software systems: Ag Leader SMS; APEX; Farmworks; and JDOffice provide PSM the ability to meet all the producers GIS needs.

Simplot Grower Solutions

Simplot provides a full line of complete precision ag solutions including sound agronomic recommendations in all 12 locations within the Red River Valley as well as our 2 locations in Southern South Dakota and Southern Minnesota. All of the precision ag work is managed start-to-finish within Simplot to maintain a high quality of service. We provide Topography Mapping, Yield Mapping, Remote Sensing (Satellite Imagery, Aerial Imagery, and other Optical Sensors), Veris Mapping, Creation of Management Zones, GPS Soil Sampling by Grid or Zone, and Prescription Application Files for our Variable-Rate Equipment or your own Variable-Rate Controller all within the needs of your specific farming operation.

Our goal is to provide complete precision ag solutions founded on scientific principals that benefit the growers by empowering our team of technology and agronomy professionals.

Shawn Kasprick CPAg/CCA
Agronomist/Precision Ag Manager

Tony Lorentz
Precision Ag Coordinator

Valley Mapping Service Inc.

Valley Mapping Service Inc. provides growers with variable rate fertilizer maps they can take to there local Fertilizer supplier (if the supplier has a VRT applicator). if the grower does not have VRT equipment in his area, we have access to VRT applicators as well. We create the maps for zone soil sampling based on based on Veris (EC maps) data, Satellite images and yield data. We can also supply advanced growers with the raw data so they can apply the products themselves. We sell and support precision ag equipment such as spatial data management programs, yield monitors, “Direct Command” spray systems and auto steer equipment.

Lee J Moran
Valley Mapping Service Inc.
P.O Box 178
Minto, ND  58261
Phone: 701-248-3536
Cell: 701-520-3583

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